Monday, September 17, 2012

My Total Cholesterol Dropped 27%!

For work, we have to get Biometric Screenings done to reduce our out of pocket health insurance costs. I've always had high cholesterol, it's hereditary. 

As you all know, I went Vegan January 1st, and while dropping my cholesterol levels wasn't my reasoning for making the change, it's always been in the back of my mind. When I reviewed my most recent biometric screenings this morning I was thrilled to see I had the following drops in Cholesterol over the past year:  

27% drop  in total cholesterol
7.7% drop in HDL
21% drop in Ratio
42% drop in LDL.

There are so many things that keep happening that are convincing me that this lifestyle is a great fit for me and as I keep hitting these milestones or getting solid evidence (hence #'s above) I'll post them. I hope they prove to be motivating factors for anyone reading this blog. Not in the 'go vegan it's the only way' type form of motivation but motivation that if you stick to a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise, you can improve your overall health.

Here are the actual numbers, and a brief explanation of what the test shows, and how it plays into risk of heart disease.

Inline image 1

Note: I started at my company last year and had a reading in June and October. There was a huge flux between the two periods and I'm not sure if it had to do with my crazy travel schedule leading up to June (Chicago, Switzerland, Austria) where I didn't have a chance to pig out as much as normal, or what - but I included all the values for the entire picture.

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